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476 A 68 street Brooklyn NY 11220
Tel. 718-833-3300
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Elegant Shoe Repair
476 A 68 street Brooklyn NY 11220
Tel. 718-833-3300                  email: eshoerepair@gmail.com
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Brooklyn, NYC, Bay Ridge Shoe Repairs Service


In today’s day and age, finding a competent cobbler is not as simple as it was in the past. That being said, we are here to provide a high level of service – no matter what type of trouble your shoes are giving you.

At Elegant Shoe Repair, our goal is simple: to provide a long lasting, professional repair that you are going to be happy with. When you walk out of out store, we are confident that your shoes have been repaired and that you will be happy with them for many months to come.

The Best Material and Supplies

To ensure durability, we only use the highest quality European materials and supplies. For the same cost of cheaper material, we can give you something that is going to last much longer. What more could you want?

We Repair all Types of Shoes

No matter what type of shoes are in need of repair, we are here to help you out. Day after day, we repair everything from Loubotins to shoes that are much cheaper.

Of course, the type of shoe does not matter to us. We are here to provide the same level of service to our customers, no matter what is on their feet.

In addition to shoe repairs, we can help bring your old belt back to life by replacing it with new leather.

Experience Matters

With more than 25 years in the shoe repair business, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help with any problem you are facing. In many cases, we take on work that others would never touch – from refinishing brand name shoes and boots to repairing extensive damage.

Customer Service

We truly believe that nothing is more important than our customers. This is why we offer competitive pricing, quick turnaround time, and a convenient location. Of course, if you don’t have the time to visit Elegant Shoe Repair in person we are more than happy to pick up and deliver your shoes free of cost.

Thanks to our top of the line customer service experience, we serve many customers from the tri-state area as well as Manhattan. Our reputation for quality and dependability is our best recommendation.

No matter if you are from Brooklyn, Bay Ridge, or some other part of the New York City area, we are here to provide you with the shoe repair service you need.

Stop by Elegant Shoe Repair today or give us a call. Either way, you are sure to be 100 percent satisfied with our service!


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Phone.: 718.833.3300
476 A 68th street, Brooklyn NY 11220
E-mail.: eshoerepair@gmail.com



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